Fresh made.  Chef prepared.  Delivered free.


Healthy fresh restaurant quality meals for those:

  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Dieting to Lose Weight
  • Want Personal Chef Services
  • To Busy to Cook
  • New Mothers
  • Senior, Elderly, Disabled & Homebound


Delivery Options:

"White Glove" Daytime Delivery
Daytime: Monday - Thursday
Overnight "Front Door" Delivery
Sunday Nights
Kitchen Pick-Up
Daytime: Monday - Friday
Just Heat & Eat * No Clean-Up
All our meals are prepared without ANY added salt or preservatives whatsoever.
Price :   $7.00
Two chicken drumsticks baked with a sweet and slightly spicy mandarin orange ginger sauce 
Price :   $8.85
Delicious pure, lean, high protein 6 oz Bison Burger (ranging from 93-96% lean) and topped with...
Price :   $6.75
Our chefs have created this outstanding old world favorite just for you. This flavorful Beef...
Price :   $6.75
A boneless breast of chicken is grilled and topped with sautéed Portobello mushrooms, white wine,...
Price :   $7.75
Special Choice Premium Meal
Price :   $6.75
Sliced Flank Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Price :   $6.75
Traditional hand carved house roasted breast of turkey. With a gravy made from natural turkey...
Price :   $6.75
Tender fresh fillet of Tilapia is covered with our lemon dill sauce. 4 oz. portion in 1.8 oz of...
Price :   $6.75
Tender fresh fillet of Tilapia smothered with our award-winning seafood stuffing and covered with...
Price :   $6.75
Boneless breast of chicken dipped in flour and egg, then sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and...
Price :   $6.75
Lightly floured breast of chicken is sautéed with fresh broccoli and onions and tossed in a light...
Price :   $6.75
Boneless chicken breast sautéed with peppers, mushrooms and onions in a basil tomato sauce. 8.5 oz...

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100% Product Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our products and their delivery in good condition. Because we produce a perishable product, we cannot accept returned food items. We will promptly credit you for any meals that are damaged, spoiled, or otherwise inedible as a direct result of shipping or delivery. If you did not like a particular meal, we will credit you for that meal and work with you to replace it on your menu with a substitution. 

HONEST ACTUAL FOOD:  How many times have you seen an advertised picture of food that turns out not to be what you really get?  I know it happens all the time.  Before we started Top Chef Meals we tried hundreds of home delivered and diet meal plans available in the NYC area, and we were dismayed that NOT ONE was representative of the actual food that was delivered.  

WE ARE DIFFERENT.  Every picture on this website is of our actual food produced and delivered to clients that we simply re-plate, and take pictures with own cameras.  No Fake food, No food "stylists", instead you honestly get meals so good that you could take your very own pictures of them.