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introducing affordable made-to-order customized senior meal delivery

Every meal includes your unique choice of entree, starch, and vegetable.


75% of older consumers dislike or can't tolerate their meal choices

two keys to loving your meals
  • choice over every part of the meal including starch and vegetable
  • avoid ingredients you cannot tolerate or are allergic to

Most Seniors have very specific likes and dislikes about the food they eat. It isn't uncommon for many seniors to be seen as "Picky" because after all we like what we like and absolutely know what we dislike. Because of changes in taste as we age, we often have very specific feelings and emotions about the foods we eat.

As we age our stomachs become more sensitive to many different types of foods.

stress-free delivery

Our service is great for seniors who can’t regularly cook for themselves or get to the grocery store. You can place orders online, over the phone or via email—convenient for you if your close or far away from your elderly parents.

specialty diets available

We offer specialty diets for every need. Our meals are all handmade to order, homestyle dishes prepared one plate at a time, perfectly suited for those 60+. We offer a huge selection of low sodium, gluten free, and low carbohydrate meals.

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