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Food & Hormone Health

food and hormone health

Hormones are vitally important to our health. Could what we eat affect them?

THE STORY: Our hormones affect basically every function of our body, so if they get out of whack it can cause serious damage to our health. If that happens is there anything to be done other than using medication? Can what we eat affect our hormones - in positive or negative ways? Let’s take a closer look at hormone health and how what we eat affects our hormones.

THE MAIN HORMONES: There are all kinds of hormones in our bodies, but the ones below are some that have the most impact on our well-being.

Can What You Eat Affect Your Mental Health?

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One result of the pandemic has been a hit to people’s mental health. Can what you eat affect how you’re feeling?

THE STORY: Even before the pandemic hit, the amount of people in the U.S. who struggle with their mental health was growing. If you’re one of the approximately 19% of American adults who is dealing with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, there are several options you can take to improve - therapy, medication, practicing self-care. But what about the foods you eat? Does your diet affect your mental health?

Want to Slow Aging? Eat This!

woman with slices of strawberries, bananas and kiwis on her face

You can’t stop the passage of time, but what if you could slow the process of aging?

THE STORY: The anti-aging market makes billions a year with our quest to look younger. What if you could help slow the process with a few simple switches to your diet though? How you look on the outside is directly impacted by what you’re feeding the inside - no amount of creams or serums will beat starting at the root cause. (Not to mention tackling the inside is cheaper!)

Do You Have a Good Work/Life Balance?

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Work/life balance is part of a healthy lifestyle. So, how’s yours?

THE STORY: We’re sure you’ve heard plenty of talk about how important it is to maintain a good work/life balance, but why is that? Besides the fact that a healthy work/life balance helps reduce chronic stress, which in turn reduces ailments such as hypertension, digestive issues, chronic aches and more, there are several other ways in which your life will be improved by maintaining a balance between the two. Take a look at all the many benefits of good work/life balance!

THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD WORK/LIFE BALANCE: Work/life balance looks different for everyone but it usually includes:

Healthiest Ways to Lose Weight

fruits and vegetables, running shoes, and hand weights

Spring is upon us and summer won’t be far behind. If you’re planning on losing weight to get ready to hit the (hopefully) re-opened beaches, make sure you’re doing so in the healthiest way possible.

Improve Your Digestion

photo of woman with digestive tract outline drawn on stomach

The health of your gut affects the rest of your body, so how can you learn to identify problems with it and improve digestion as well?

THE STORY: Your digestive tract is the gatekeeper to your health. A highly complex system, your gut is responsible for breaking down the food you eat and assimilating the nutrients so your body can function properly. If you’re having stomach aches, trouble digesting food and other digestive issues, you likely have a health issue associated with your gut. Here’s how to identify common problems and improve digestion to avoid them in the future.

The Power of Vitamin D

Did you know that most people in the United States consume less than recommended amounts of vitamin D?

THE STORY: Vitamin D - nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin” because of its ability to be absorbed via sunlight - has traditionally been known to be essential to the body because it helps the body absorb calcium for strong bones. Now research is showing that Vitamin D may be vital in protecting against a host of health problems. Unfortunately, too many people in the U.S. don’t get enough of this important vitamin.

HEALTH BENEFITS: So what kind of health benefits does Vitamin D offer? Here are just a few ways this vitamin can boost your health.

Women, Diabetes & Heart Disease


In honor of Women’s History Month, we take a look at the correlation between diabetes and heart disease when it comes to women’s health.

THE STORY: Diabetes is a disease that occurs when blood sugar levels are unable to be controlled and get too high (with Type 2 diabetes being the most common). Type 2 diabetes is considered a major risk factor for coronary artery disease and stroke. But how do these specifically affect women? Here we take a look at the risks of diabetes and heart disease in women and talk about how you can lower your risk for both.


what is healthy body image

If you’ve been feeling down about your body or how you look after the past year, it’s time to start the journey to a healthy body image.

THE STORY: The past year has been full of stress and constant change that have made adapting more difficult. Factors such as these can affect all kinds of relationships - not just interpersonal - such as our relationships with our bodies, food, and how we see ourselves resulting in a negative body image.

What is a Renal Diet?

renal diet

Are you familiar with what a renal diet is?

THE STORY: People with compromised kidney function must stay on a renal diet, a diet designed to cut down on the amount of waste in their blood. But what exactly comprises a renal diet? Here’s the lowdown on the renal diet.

THE BASICS: It’s the kidneys job to filter blood, remove waste through urine, balance minerals and more. When kidney function is comprised, it means your kidneys cannot properly filter waste from your blood - if waste is left in the blood, it can mess up one’s electrolyte levels causing serious problems. If you’re experiencing this, you will need to follow a renal diet. What does that entail?