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Ways to Make Your Diet a Lifestyle

Ever tried a diet only to give it up a few days later? Want to know how to make it stick?

THE STORY: Many of us have tried different diets in our lives only to find that we have trouble sticking to them. The problem? You need to think of the way you eat as a lifestyle, not a diet.

WAYS TO SUSTAIN HEALTHY EATING AS A LIFESTYLE: The problem with a lot of diets is that you’re depriving yourself of foods you like or cutting so far back on food and calories you’re likely to crash. Neither are sustainable ways of living. Turn a diet into a healthy lifestyle instead with these tips!

Why Are You Gaining Weight?

Quarantine has caused many of us to put on a few pounds. You may think it’s due to eating more comfort food, but you might be wrong.

THE STORY: Sometimes figuring out why you’ve recently gained weight is easy - you’ve eating out more thank cooking and haven’t had time to exercise. Other times it’s a little harder to figure out and during these unprecedented times of stress and anxiety, the reasons can be more complicated.


The Better Food Option During COVID-19

Though we thought for a bit that we were past the hump when it came to COVID-19, it looks like we’re still currently in the midst of it. At this point, you might be trying your best to save money and you might have also put on the “Quarantine 15” like the rest of us.

THE STORY: People are looking for ways to save money and stay healthy right now (as well as ways to avoid going out). A great way to accomplish all of these objectives is by using a meal delivery service to eat better, save on spending, and stay in.

Best Social Distancing Practices

Though life is starting to return to pre-quarantine ways, you should still be practicing social distancing as cases of COVID-19 rise throughout the country. Here are some of the best practices to follow.

THE STORY: Even if you’re starting back to work or going outdoors more often with restrictions being lifted around the country, COVID-19 is still out there and affecting people. Social distancing is still one of the best ways to protect yourself and others around you.


Life is slowly, but surely, starting to return to normal after the past few months of quarantine and social distancing. Now is the time to work on restoring & refocusing yourself to take on a return to normality.

THE STORY: After a few months of working and living at home without much social contact, you might be thrown a bit off-kilter as some states start to slowly re-open businesses and try to get back to a normal way of life. Getting yourself back to normal is just as important. Here’s what to focus on as the world shifts again.

RESTORE & REFOCUS: Things to do & remember as the world gets its groove back:


Did you know that chronic inflammation plays a role in most major diseases? That’s correct, if you suffer from heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or even depression, chances are you have chronic inflammation. Is there any way to reduce this inflammation?

THE STORY: While not a cure for any diseases, what you eat can help fight this inflammation, thereby helping control or reduce the impact of disease. Here are some of the top anti-inflammatory foods you can incorporate into your diet, plus foods you should avoid.

BEST FOODS TO FIGHT INFLAMMATION: Here are 6 foods that you should incorporate into your diet to help fight inflammation.


As COVID-19 continues to be top & foremost on people’s minds, we’ve shared tips on everything from safe grocery shopping to ways to boost your immune system. Today we’ll share the top Top Chef Meals that contain ingredients known to boost your immune health!

THE STORY: Boosting your immune health is more important than ever at the moment. We talked ways to help you on this health journey HERE, but today we want to share the meals to order that contain immunity-boosting ingredients.

It’s Heart Month!

February is Heart Month! This is the month to learn about heart disease and how to take better care of your heart health.

THE STORY: Each February, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and The Heart Truth® celebrate American Heart Month by motivating Americans to adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent heart disease. 


What’s going on with the coronavirus? What exactly is it and how do I know if I have it? And can it be prevented?

THE STORY: As you’ve likely heard, there’s been an outbreak of a new flu-like virus in China called the novel coronavirus. The virus is a newly discovered member of the coronavirus family that includes the viruses that caused the SARS outbreak. This just means that it spreads by jumping from animal to human and then mutate to spread human-to-human.  


What’s the deal with the bad buzz on the keto diet? Here’s what people who use it say plus the pros of going on it.

THE STORY:There have been a lot of articles lately trying to give the keto diet a bad rep and push other diets like Weight Watchers, but the fact is that the keto diet has plenty of pros to it.

WHAT IS THE KETO DIET ANYWAY? The ketogenic diet is a strategy that consists of eating 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs (though there is room for personal modification). By eating this way, you put your body into ketosis, a metabolic state that simulates fasting conditions to switch up your energy supply.