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The coronavirus is first and foremost on people’s mind right now, plus it’s still cold & flu season. Here are a few ways to boost your immune system to help keep your family & yourself healthy!

THE STORY: The coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading to more places and cold & flu season isn’t over yet. BUT there’s no reason to panic! You can help prevent infections with a few easy steps and boost your immune system by incorporating the following into your lifestyle.

Post-Holiday Motivation

Get up, get motivated, and break out of the post-holiday funk now that the holiday season has come and gone.

The Story: The holiday blues are REAL and getting back into good, healthy habits aren’t always easy, but it’s necessary to focus on bouncing back and getting out of the holiday hibernation.

Okay – I get that, but how?
Take care of yourself, schedule time for fun, and go easy on yourself

Take care of yourself first
Quality sleep and exercise are recommended by experts to boost mood and manage depression.

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Tis the season for snowy weather, hot cocoa, cozy sweaters, family, friends, tons of food - and holiday shopping! Gift giving can be hard business though. What do you get for the person who has everything? What do you get for Dad that isn’t a tie? What do you get for the Gen Z in your life? So many considerations and so little time to get everything done. We’re here with the top 10 gifts of this holiday season to help you out!

Modern Girl’s Guide to Healthy Living

It can be difficult out there for the modern woman. Whether you’re a mother or single & thriving, working your way up in the business world or a SAHM, healthy living can often take the back-burner. A lot of it boils down to time (or a lack thereof) because, let’s face it, family or not time is often precious and fleeting in this busy era. As 2020 peeks around the corner, it’s time to gather ideas for the new year so you can start living your best life. Here’s our Modern Girl’s Guide to Healthy Living!

Top 5 Prepared Food Delivery Services

Eating well can be hard so it’s lucky we’ve experienced the advent of prepared food delivery services. Now you can have healthy prepared meals delivered straight to your door no matter your needs. But how to figure out which prepared meal delivery service is best for you? We’ve rounded up the top 5 frozen prepared meal delivery services (vs the services that provide ingredients and recipes). Take a look at the list below to figure out which services meets your needs best!

5 Tips to Improve Digestion

5 Tips to Improve Digestion

Digestive problems are a pain - literally. Gas, bloating, constipation, nausea, heartburn, and diarrhea have become common issues in our busy world, issues we’re often too embarrassed to discuss or ask help for. Whatever issue you may be having, however, there are steps you can take to alleviate them. Here are the top 5 ways to improve your digestion & clear up the pain.

Get Motivated (& Stay Motivated!)

How to stay motivated

This is it - you’ve made the decision to eat better or exercise more or lose weight or cook everyday or even just to go to bed at a decent hour every night. Whatever it is, the decision has been made and you’re ready to do it. You’re going to start this new lifestyle change TODAY. Well, maybe tomorrow. Okay, for sure next week. Oops. How often has this happened to you? You make a plan to change something in your life, with the best intentions, only to see it fall through. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t necessarily equal action.

Food Hacks for Better Eating With a Busy Lifestyle

Food Hacks for Better Eating With a Busy Lifestyle

Eating well these days can seem like a complicated matter. Between running the kids to school/activities, working, and living the rest of your life things get hectic which probably leaves you feeling exhausted. And sometimes when we’re exhausted eating healthy is one of the first things to go because, seriously, who has time for an elaborate grocery store trip + time to prepare ridiculously well-balanced meals every day? You do, actually! (No, really, we promise.) Here’s how to hack your life so you’re able to run around like a fiend and still be able to eat well.

Best Diet Ideas for 2019

Best Diet Trends  for 2019

Have you determined that 2019 is going to be YOUR best year ever – the year you change your eating habits for good and find the diet that works best for you? If so, you might need some help. Not only are there an almost inconceivable number of diet plans out there (many of them simply trends best left alone), but changing how you eat often requires, well, changing how you eat – buying foods you've not purchased or haven't purchased as much of before, plus a whole lot more cooking than you may be used to (or have time for!). No worries, we've got you covered. Here are our top 5 favorite diet plans out there for 2019 along with a few of our favorite Top Chef Meals for each one to get you started.

How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

It may seem like eating healthy on a tight budget is impossible (because let's face it junk food does tend to be cheaper) but we promise it's actually not. Eating healthy on a tight budget can not only be done but it can be done more easily than you think with only a few simple changes to your lifestyle. How you shop, how you cook, even organizational skills can help in your quest for a healthy lifestyle!