Top Chef Meals: Opt-In to Always Be in The Know!
Opt-In to Always Be in The Know!

Opt-In to Always Be in The Know!

We've got more good news! Now our drivers have a new application, that's built right into our website, which automatically emails and/or texts you when they check your orders out for delivery and again when they have finished dropping off your order. How awesome is that?

You no longer have to wonder if you or your loved ones' meals are out to be delivered or if they, in fact, have been delivered, since you'll get a message either way. It's the perfect way to be stress-free and always know where your food is going to be. Of course, you can OPT-OUT of the service, online in your account, if you don't want to receive these messages, but most people love the peace of mind knowing their food is on the way and/or waiting at their front door to bring inside. Totally up to you! We just wanted to give you one more great option as part of our entirely flexible meal plans and deliveries.

Bon appétit!


Absolutely Wonderful! First time in a long time Mom (86 years old) has looked forward to choosing her dinner every night! Thank you....will so continue to use your service.