Top Chef Meals: 2022 Senior Care Tech Trends
senior citizens with ipad

2022 Senior Care Tech Trends

More and more seniors are able to live at home, instead of with assisted care, these days with the help of technology.

THE STORY: The future is here, and for senior citizens, the future allows for them to take more control of their healthcare and how they live. Particularly with the past two years of pandemic living, seniors have become more accustomed to using technology in ways they might not have before - from video calls to ordering groceries online and more. Couple with a growing hospital-at-home trend in the healthcare sector, this means it’s easier than ever for seniors to continue living where they are rather than in assisted or independent living communities. What else does the future hold?

THE TRENDS: Below are a handful of trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

1. Hospital-at-home: Seniors with conditions that require monitoring can stay at home, rather than the hospital with hospital-at-home. With this healthcare model, virtual and remote care is incorporated to keep an eye on patients as needed. This care can include anything from checking in on patients, receiving data, and even laboratory tests.
2. Consumerization: With the rise of technology you can wear to get instant data on your health to apps that let you know how many steps you’ve walked in a day, seniors have more control over their health than ever. This control allows them to be more active in decision-making when it comes to their health and well-being. This trend also means that more technology (for at home or in independent communities) will be made more personalized for senior citizens.
3. Virtual Assisted Living: Because there are now so many smart technologies available to consumers, the role of caregivers has undergone a major change. During the pandemic, those in caregiving roles had to start checking in on senior citizens in different ways, while seniors used more tech to cover their needs that were no longer able to be met in person by caregivers. This gave rise to virtual check-ins via video, online medication ordering, and more. Add in the effects of COVID on nursing homes and assisted living communities, and staying in your home and incorporating tech services sounds better than ever.
4. Online Ordering: During the pandemic, when people were unable to leave home, online ordering of essentials hit a high. Everything from medication to groceries to meal delivery to entertainment came from technology. Being able to order food and groceries, in particular, make it easier for seniors to continue living in their own homes. With meal-delivery services like Top Chef Meals that come with complete meals to Amazon’s delivery of groceries, one can meet all their food needs easily.

THE ROUND-UP: The ability of older people to continue living independently on their own continues to grow with the help of senior care tech. You can expect it to expand even more in 2022, via the trends listed above and more trends on the way.