Top Chef Meals: 5 Health Tips For Active Seniors
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5 Health Tips For Active Seniors

Staying active is important at any age, but especially as we age.

THE STORY: Staying active is a vital part of staying healthy, especially for those of us who are older. If you’re already a senior who’s active, you might still be wondering if there are ways to improve upon what you’re doing to stay as healthy as possible. Here are 5 health tips for active seniors to help out!

5 HEALTH TIPS FOR ACTIVE SENIORS: Keep yourself on the right track with these 5 health tips!

1. Eat healthy. As necessary as it is to maintain a healthy diet at any age, doing so as you get older is even more necessary. Why is that? Because the digestive system starts to slow as we age, making it important to add fiber and vitamins to the diet. Our appetites also begin to lessen as we get into our senior years; you can help improve this by enhancing the flavor of your food or creating an ambiance around mealtimes. And if you need a helping hand in the kitchen, Top Chef Meals has you covered!
2. Drink water. Another thing that happens in our senior years is feeling less thirsty. However, not drinking enough water despite that equals dehydration, which isn’t good for anyone at any age!
3. Prevention is key. It might seem like a waste of time to go to the doctor simply to have your cholesterol checked or for other preventative visits, but it isn’t. These visits for mammograms and prostate exams, ECHOs and cardiograms, and the such can help you catch serious illnesses at the beginning stages.
4. Don’t forget to take care of your brain. Being physically active isn’t the only kind of activity you need to do as a senior—you also need to keep your brain active as well to ward off cognitive decline. You can keep your brain healthy by doing crossword puzzles, reading, or engaging in new activities.
5. Focus on a variety of exercises. You don’t want to only focus on one kind of exercise, such as strength training, as a senior. Instead, you’ll want to do a combo of strength training, balance, aerobic, and low-impact activities to boost your well-being and stay in good health.

THE ROUND-UP: Being active is something one should incorporate into daily life, no matter what your age is, but doing so as a senior will aid in keeping you at optimal health and well-being. Physical activity isn’t all you should remember to engage in, though. You’ll also need to tweak your diet, drink plenty of water, remember preventative care, and keep your brain active, too!