Top Chef Meals: The Better Food Option During COVID-19

The Better Food Option During COVID-19

Though we thought for a bit that we were past the hump when it came to COVID-19, it looks like we’re still currently in the midst of it. At this point, you might be trying your best to save money and you might have also put on the “Quarantine 15” like the rest of us.

THE STORY: People are looking for ways to save money and stay healthy right now (as well as ways to avoid going out). A great way to accomplish all of these objectives is by using a meal delivery service to eat better, save on spending, and stay in.

WHY USE MEAL DELIVERY RIGHT NOW: Reason #1 to use a meal delivery service right now? To build up your immune system. It’s vitally important to have a healthy immune system during a pandemic and much of that depends on a steady, healthy diet. Think pre-made frozen or fresh meals can’t be healthy? Think again!

Reason #2? Stores are often short of pantry staples at the moment, as well as more specialized foods people on gluten-free diets or diets for diabetics, etc might need. Meal delivery services can make sure you’re getting meals tailored to your specific needs without the hassle of having to go to several stores to try to find what you need.

Reason #3? Less risk. Chances are you’re already seeing your UPS/Fedex guy on the regular at this point, so you won’t be upping the amount of people you come in contact with by ordering meals for delivery.

Reason #4? Ordering fresh made meal to be delivered to your front door will actually save you money in the long run. Don’t believe us? Read our article HERE on exactly how it saves you money (and time!).

Reason #5? Some people might have more time on their hands since being stuck at home 24/7, but for many of us it seems like we have less. Not only are we working from home but we’re also parenting & home-schooling as well. Who has time to cook? With meal delivery services like Top Chef Meals, you can have meals prepared in minutes with minimal effort on your part.

THE WRAP-UP: Being quarantined doesn’t mean spending more money hunting down items for meals you love or only downing bags of chips while you binge watch another season of Grey’s Anatomy. You can have it all, along with staying safer, with a meal delivery service!