The coronavirus is first and foremost on people’s mind right now, plus it’s still cold & flu season. Here are a few ways to boost your immune system to help keep your family & yourself healthy!

THE STORY: The coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading to more places and cold & flu season isn’t over yet. BUT there’s no reason to panic! You can help prevent infections with a few easy steps and boost your immune system by incorporating the following into your lifestyle.

WAYS TO PREVENT INFECTION: You’re probably doing most of these things already (so good job!) but in case you’re not, doing the following can help prevent the spread of illness. Wash your hands frequently. Keep at least 3 feet between yourself and anyone who is sneezing/coughing. Cover your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze. And if you’re not feeling well, DON’T GO OUT. Stay in so you don’t spread your cold or flu to anyone else.

WAYS TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Prevention is all well and good, but are there ways you can boost your immune system to keep yourself even safer? Of course!

Start with getting a good night’s sleep and regular exercise.
Skip the sugar! Sugar can suppress your immune system for up to 7 hours after you consume it.
Add some fresh garlic to your diet as it’s antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasitical and anti-fungal.
80% of your immune system lays in your digestive track. Invest in a good probiotic!
You’re probably familiar with the use of echinacea when it comes to ill health. Several clinical trials have proven its anti-infective properties. In fact, one clinical trial found echinacea to be just as effective as Tamiflu for the early treatment of influenza viruses.
Take those vitamins! Vitamin A, B6, C, D and E can help increase the strength of the immune system. 
Manage stress - Chronic stress suppresses the immune response of the body by releasing the hormone cortisol.

THE WRAP-UP: Things seem a bit scary out there right now when it comes to getting sick, but by taking preventive actions you’ll keep yourself that much safer. Plus, by boosting your immune system you’ll be better able to ward off illnesses that come your way. Stay safe out there, guys!