Top Chef Meals: Dieting That Includes Delicious!
Dieting That Includes Delicious Foods!

Dieting That Includes Delicious!

Why are diet meal plans always so boring and bland? Just because you're trying to lose weight, it doesn't mean that you've lost your sense of taste too! Not to mention the fact that they often leave you starving between meals. We're here to change the status quo when it comes to losing pounds by offering up meal plans that are healthy, filling and delicious.

We like variety (we know you do too!) so our meal plans are filled to the brim with options you'll love. Enjoy a spinach & egg quiche with oatmeal or an egg white omelet with turkey bacon for about some buffalo chicken or maybe some brown rice with cranberries? Craving comfort food? We've got it in the form of meatloaf and cheese baked eggs and more! Enjoy chicken, turkey, beef, pork and fish plus a massive array of veggies (and a few starches such as mashed potatoes and quinoa - yes, mashed potatoes!). Hungry yet?

We have four weeks worth of meals all ready to go; all you have to do is order them! Mix up the weeks as you like (use Week 1, then Week 4 or use Week 3 twice in a row) or even modify your weekly package if there's something in it you don't like! How many other places will let you do that? Change your entree, change your side, change your veggies, whatever! You can even add extra protein. With this plan you're definitely not going to go hungry!

The best part of all of this though is that you get 3 meals a day, 5 days a week plus 5 snacks for only $110.25. (Modifying your weekly meals may increase or decrease the price). Remember for orders $110 and up, there's free shipping! Score!

We know how important your health is to you so we want to help you lose weight the way you should - healthily and deliciously. Visit our "Packages" menu today to order your next week of meals and remember we're always adding new meals, so be sure to return often. Bon appetit!