Top Chef Meals: Do You Have a Good Work/Life Balance?
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Do You Have a Good Work/Life Balance?

Work/life balance is part of a healthy lifestyle. So, how’s yours?

THE STORY: We’re sure you’ve heard plenty of talk about how important it is to maintain a good work/life balance, but why is that? Besides the fact that a healthy work/life balance helps reduce chronic stress, which in turn reduces ailments such as hypertension, digestive issues, chronic aches and more, there are several other ways in which your life will be improved by maintaining a balance between the two. Take a look at all the many benefits of good work/life balance!

THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD WORK/LIFE BALANCE: Work/life balance looks different for everyone but it usually includes:

1. Making a bigger impact in the world without sacrificing your health
2. Being present for family and loved ones
3. Practicing self-care by setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing what’s important to you
4. Quitting the unhealthy practice of trying to have/do it all

And the benefits are well worth it! Other than less stress, a healthy work/life balance will enable you to:

1. Improve your mental health. Human beings aren’t meant to be under constant stress and pressure, so it starts to take a toll in the form of anxiety and depression. When you give yourself more time to just breathe, you’ll find yourself better able to deal with negative emotions that can lead to anxiety and depression.
2. Improve your ability to be present. Does this sound like you? You’re thoughts are constantly racing, you constantly feel “on” and unable to wind down, and you’re always thinking about work when you should be focusing on your personal life. It happens to the best of us. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to be able to be present when at home and not thinking about work?
3. Improve relationships. Being more present, both physically and mentally, with your family and loved ones will improve relationships across the board. A work/life balance means more high-quality time with the ones you love. Plus, when you have more human connection, you’ll find yourself much happier.
4. Improve productivity. If you feel like you’re always going and not getting enough done still, it’s time to slow down. It sounds counter-intuitive that balancing work and life would increase how productive you are, but feeling better physically and mentally while being able to focus and be present will cause productivity to improve.
5. Improve happiness. We all want to be happy and happiness looks different for everyone. A healthy work/life balance will help you increase your happiness levels no matter who you are though. Balance is about feeling good about yourself and being in control of your life and career path (both of which are vital to becoming happier).

THE ROUND-UP: A healthy work/life balance is essential to improving so many aspects of your life. Take time to notice how your balance is and seek ways to improve it if needed. Your health will thank you!