Top Chef Meals: Fitness Trainer Partner Program

Fitness Trainer Partner Program

Our fitness partner program offers personal trainers, coaches, and nutrition consultants the opportunity to earn commissions through acting as sales representatives for Top Chef Meals customers.

By recommending our unique healthy nutritious meals, you not only benefit yourself but your clients as well. Having healthy, ready-to-go meals will make it easy for them to stay on track in meeting your nutrition recommendations. All of our meals are carb controlled to help your clients loose and maintain their weight, and we offer a Paleo line of meals that can help your clients jump start their weight loss program.

Fitness Partner Earnings (in two different ways):

  • You receive 8% commission on all orders placed by clients you refer to our program.
  • You will receive another 3% credit towards your own Top Chef Meals food account.

Typical Earnings (based on 25 clients a week):

Average Weekly Meal Plan (21 meals) per client = $120

Means you can earn:

  • (25 clients x 8% x 120) in Cash Commissions = $240/week = $960 in cash every 4 weeks
  • (25 clients x 3% x120) in Food purchases = $90/week = $360 in food credit every 4 weeks

How Does it Work?

You apply to become a “sales representative”, and we add you to our list of authorized repre-sentatives. You give us a list of your clients OR make sure your clients choose you when they create their account on the website. From then on we handle everything else. You market our meals, and help keep them on track ordering each week. We credit your top chef meals food account, and send you a commission check within 10 days of the end of each month based on your clients previous months top chef meals purchases. All of this happens with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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