Top Chef Meals: Happy [Insert Food Holiday Here]!
How to eat healthy during the holidays

Happy [Insert Food Holiday Here]!

We like holidays. Who doesn’t? But there are HOLIDAYS, and then there are holidays like “Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day” (yeah, we’re not sure about that one either). The ones we really like though are the food holidays (of course!) and there are some great food-related holidays happening this month. Listen up, because you’ll definitely want to participate.

To start, the whole month of February is American Heart Month (remember doing the whole “Jump Rope for Heart” when you were a kid?). While you might not automatically associate this with food, it actually is related. A healthy heart involves a diet of low-sodium and low-fat meals. You are what you eat after all! Luckily, Top Chef Meals has a wide variety of each kind of these meals that you can try out to celebrate. The best part? Despite what you might think, low-sodium and low-fat doesn’t add up to “tasteless”! For example, from our low-sodium menu, you could try our American Meatloaf w/Glazed Ketchup Crust & Beef Gravy - comfort food at its best. From our low-fat menu, you could try our Wild Mushroom Marsala Ravioli - jumbo ravioli stuffed with cremini and portobello mushrooms and topped with a sauteed mushroom marsala wine sauce. Both sound pretty amazing, right?

February is also National Hot Breakfast Month, another holiday we can absolutely get behind. We love a good hot breakfast, whether it be pancakes or bacon or eggs. We also have several hot breakfast choices on our menu you can experiment with to celebrate this great holiday. Get meaty with a ham & cheese omelet or dig into our Belgian waffle with a side of bacon or sausage. You can even get fancy with a spinach quiche! Each of these takes roughly five minutes to heat up - what’s better than hot and quick?

Enjoy sweet potatoes? Then celebrate Sweet Potato Month with a side of our mashed sweet potatoes! Light, fluffy and drizzled with melted butter, brown sugar and just the right touch of cinnamon, they have an incredibly rich sweet flavor. Also, a plus for sweet potatoes? They contain more fiber and vitamins A and C than regular potatoes. 

February 28th is National Chili Day. Modern chili is usually attributed to Mexico, but it also incorporates culinary traditions of Spanish and Native American cultures. As it spread across the Americas, it picked up regional influences too. Hence, why no two chilis are the same. Ours is a Vegan Three Bean chili with garbanzo, black and kidney beans blended with simmered eggplant, squash, carrots, onions, and peppers in a cumin infused tomato sauce.

Finally, there’s everybody’s favorite (or favorite to loathe) February holiday - Valentine’s Day. While not overtly food related like the rest, Valentine’s is a big day for food as it usually involves dinner. Celebrate this Valentine’s with a red-hot, healthy dinner with our romantic package for two that includes: 2 colossal shrimp cocktails in disposable champagne glasses & cocktail sauces; choice of gourmet prime rib, filet mignon, surf & turf, or ahi tuna dinner; choice of molten lava cake or tiramisu for dessert; red rose petals for table decoration; foil wrapped, handmade chocolates; and disposable silver plates with red hearts for appetizers & desserts. If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, try our Chicken Francaise w/White Wine Lemon Sauce or Seared Lump Crab Meat Cakes.

Whatever your favorite food holiday this month (or any month), we’re sure to have something to help you celebrate (and we’ll likely be there celebrating with you!). And whatever you love, enjoy it, always. Food should be fun and should be enjoyed! Top Chef Meals can help you find meals that are both, so if you feel like you’re missing out, drop by our website and have a look at our menu. Bon appétit!