Top Chef Meals: Healthy Eating During the Holidays
Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Did you survive Thanksgiving with your healthy eating habits intact? If you did, congratulations, we applaud you! If not, don't worry, we can totally commiserate - holidays are a hard time to keep up the healthy eating. How are you supposed to resist all the cookies and cakes and deliciously cheesy & buttery items and loading your plate up with just a taste of EVERY single thing?? Now till January 2nd will be full of delicious and oh-so-bad-for-you foods galore, so arm yourself with these tips to stay on track till the holidays are over.

1. First and foremost, eat mindfully. Mindless eating means eating food just because it's there, eating while distracted, eating for emotional comfort – essentially just not paying attention when eating. So be aware!
2. Moderation is key. No need to worry about missing out on all the yum treats, just make sure to manage your portions. A couple of tricks to try? Use smaller plates & utensils, as well as pouring drinks into tall, skinny glasses.
3. Eat your veggies. Make sure to pile on the veggies when you fix your plate to help you stay full longer. Concerned or definitely know there won't be anything that passes as a decent veggie dish at your holiday gathering (no, broccoli & cheese casserole where you can't even taste the broccoli does NOT count!)? Contribute a dish to the festivities so you know you have something healthy on hand!
4. Don't skip meals. A lot of people think they can “save” up all their calories for that big party by not eating throughout the day – NEGATIVE! Doing this will only lead to a slower metabolism and overconsumption.
5. Careful with those drinks. Drinks can pile the on the calories (1 eggnog = almost 350 calories!). Be particularly mindful of what and how much you're drinking at gatherings. And if you're going with alcohol, drink responsibly!
6. Just move. In between all the parties and gatherings, fit in some activity. Even just walking 15-20 minutes after a meal will help keep you out of that food coma and in the celebratory mood. And on your off days do something fun with family or friends like sledding, ice skating, caroling, whatever gets your move on!
7. Forget the guilt. Holiday eating can absolutely be anxiety-inducing but try to remember that this is a time of celebration and relaxation. So what if you do eat a bit more than you meant to? Who cares? Just go back to your healthy eating habits and forget about it – don't beat yourself up over it.

The holiday season should be a time to enjoy oneself while gathering with family and friends, and eating healthier during it will help ensure you can enjoy yourself for more years to come. Take these tips and anymore you gather and come up with a cohesive plan before you go out so you're prepared for the way YOU want to tackle holiday eating. And if you want to eat better every single day, not just during the holidays, without the hassle of the grocery store and cooking visit our menu or give us a call at (800) 616-8044! Happy holidays, everyone!