Top Chef Meals: Healthy Eating For New And Expecting Moms
mom with newborn eating a meal

Healthy Eating For New And Expecting Moms

Being a new or expecting mom can be hard, so why not make life easier?

THE STORY: Whether you’re a new mother or a woman who’s about to become a mother, healthy eating should be a large part of your life. For those who are pregnant, you know your baby needs all sorts of vitamins and nutrients. And for women who have newborns, eating well will help you get through the first few months of little to no sleep.

But who has time to cook, especially with a newborn or when your feet kill you after two minutes of standing?

THE SOLUTION: One solution is using a meal delivery service such as Top Chef Meals. While there are a plethora of meal delivery services to choose from, our service provides chef-prepared meals that only require heating up when you’re ready to eat them. Plus, we have an abundance of meals to choose from, as well as a host of dietary needs we can create meals around, so no matter your preferences you’re sure to find healthy food you love.

Besides the dietary needs we can meet - including gluten-free, diabetic, low-sodium, renal diet, low-carb, and low-fat - we also offer the option to customize meals to your specific taste preferences. Don’t like the side that comes with the meal? Switch it out to something else! Want to add more protein? Not a problem!

Plus, we constantly rotate out new specials such as our current BBQ Jackfruit, Kimchi Lo Mein, and Jambalaya. And when it comes to our regular menu we give you options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! You can choose meals by which protein they contain (red meat, chicken, turkey, or pork) or choose something vegetarian. You can enjoy a variety of delicious breakfast meals like our Bacon, Egg & Sharp Cheddar Sandwich, Egg White Omelette with Turkey Sausage & Mushrooms, or Belgian Waffles. With Top Chef Meals, the sky’s the limit!

Ordering is a breeze. Simply create an account, browse our menu and pick your favorites, customize as needed, and place your order! Then sit back and wait for your meal to be delivered via FedEx or courier service. Load the ones you’ll eat right away into the fridge and freeze the others. That’s it!

THE ROUND-UP: We know for new and expecting moms, life can be hectic. You may not have a ton of time to cook for yourself or even go grocery shopping. A meal delivery service can be a life-saver!

Know a new or expecting mom? Give them a helping hand by giving them a gift certificate to Top Chef Meals so they can sign-up and try us out.