Top Chef Meals: Healthy Summer Eating Hacks
Best Healthy Eating Hacks

Healthy Summer Eating Hacks

Ah, summer...the time of vacations, swimsuits, bbqs and grilling, rushing from one family activity to the next, bussing the kids around, delightfully fresh produce...there's so much to do and so much to see during the summer, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed trying to fit in healthy eating on top of it all. But not only is it a necessity, it's fun! With so many farmers' markets and produce stands popping up, fresh fruit & veggies abound, and you get to reap the bounty. There are plenty of ways to make eating healthier on the run easy in the summer, promise. Check out our tips below!

1. Our first tip is super easy and probably something you already do during the summer. - infusing your water with fruit. And not just lemon slices but everything from mint to oranges to berries; sky's the limit! Not only is this delish but it will help you stay hydrated, which is vital during those soaring temps. Bonus: eating the fruit when you're done drinking.
2. Sometimes cooking during the summer is an absolute drag. No one wants the oven on when it's 99 degrees out, amirite? A simple solution – SOUP. Chilled soup, that is. Whip up some cold soup in your blender with all those yum ingredients you're getting from the farmer's market! You can use fruit OR veggies; it really doesn't get any easier!
3. Avocado is one trendy item but with good reason. It tastes great and when you mash it up with a bit of lemon, salt and pepper, you can make anything from guacamole to a topping for your whole wheat toast. Fresh, mashed avocado on hand is NEVER a bad idea during the summer!
4. The heat is no excuse to just graze or snack and not eat a proper meal. If soup's not your thing, but the thought of turning the oven on makes you drop into a near faint, then get your slow cooker in gear. Your options are fairly unlimited when it comes to what you can create in a slow cooker, plus the whole setting it & forgetting it till later thing helps too.
5. Make your veggies easy (and the cornerstone of your diet) by making a huge salad when you get home from the market with lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and whatever else your heart desires, then portioning it out into several containers for easy eating throughout the week. Takes approximately 5 minutes and is super cheap to boot!
6. Remember that the microwave is your friend (as are we). Stay stocked up on your Top Chef faves, so you always have something healthy on hand to eat at any given moment!
7. SMOOTHIES. (Seriously, need we say more?)

Healthy eating doesn't always require a lot of muss & fuss, nor time & money. With the abundance of cheap produce available at the moment, the delightful inventions of the modern world, and Top Chef at your back, you've got this. Now go drink some water and have fun!