Top Chef Meals: How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely with COVID

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely with COVID

Much like everything else in 2020, Thanksgiving will be celebrated in new ways designed with safety in mind.

THE STORY: Covid-19 has touched everyone and everything this year and Thanksgiving will be no different. Cases in the U.S. just crossed the 10.3 million mark with 61,694 people currently being hospitalized. And though Pfizer just announced early results for the vaccine they’ve developed show a 90% efficacy rate, we don’t yet know whether that 90% rate will stay the same throughout the rest of testing, plus it seems the earliest it could become widely available would be during the 3rd quarter of 2021. So, this year’s Thanksgiving festivities will need to continue keeping safety in mind. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have a happy holiday with loved ones though.

SAFETY FIRST: The CDC released new safety guidelines for celebrating Thanksgiving on November 9th. While they emphasize only celebrating the holiday with the people in your immediate household, they do offer tips if you decide to risk traveling. The tips include the norm of wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart, and washing your hands thoroughly and often. They also recommend, if you are attending a gathering, that you bring your own cup/plate/utensils; store your mask safely while eating; avoid the kitchen while food is being prepared. If you are hosting a gathering, recommendations include dining outdoors or with windows open; sanitizing surfaces; and having guests bring their own food/drinks. You can read their full report with more details HERE.

WAYS TO CELEBRATE: Even if Thanksgiving can’t be enjoyed in the usual way, it doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed at all. Besides only having Thanksgiving dinner with your immediate household you can:

1. Have a virtual dinner with family & friends via Zoom or a similar platform - gathering the family has never been easier!
2. Make & deliver traditional recipes to family and neighbors who are at higher risk of COVID and definitely won’t be able to travel.
3. Alternately make things super easy this year and order Top Chef Meal’s Thanksgiving for Two for family and neighbors who are more at risk and won’t be able to celebrate. Our delicious chef-prepared Thanksgiving meal includes roasted turkey, turkey gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry stuffing, sauteed green beans, and honey glazed carrots!
4. If you normally engage in Thanksgiving TV-related traditions, there’s no reason you can’t also include family & friends via Zoom, etc. as well.

THE WRAP-UP: Thanksgiving will be different this year, no doubt, but you should still celebrate how you can with safety in mind. Even having just a small Thanksgiving will offer you the opportunity to hit ‘pause’ and de-stress a bit. Happy Thanksgiving from Top Chef Meals!