Top Chef Meals: How Top Chef Meals Service Works

Ordering is simple

Browsing through our menu, pick and customize your favorite meals by choosing your entree and selecting your choice of customizable side dishes. Make sure to create an account first to easily review your order and get special discounts.
Once you've created an account, added your meals to the cart, and submitted your order, our amazing chefs will take it from there! Using only the best ingredients, they’ll cook your custom meals.
When your meals are done cooking, they are flash frozen to hold in the nutrients and flavors during the shipping process.
Your meals are then delivered via FedEx or courier service right to your front door. We ship nationwide so be sure to review our delivery page to see the shipping information.
After opening your delicious box of carefully packed meals be sure to put the ones you’re going to eat first in the fridge and the others in the freezer for later. Read the heating instructions for cook times and start enjoying your meals!

Thank you for joining our family!