Top Chef Meals: How Meal Delivery is Cheaper Than Grocery Shopping
How Meal Delivery is Cheaper Than Grocery Shopping

How Meal Delivery is Cheaper Than Grocery Shopping

Life is busy, too busy sometimes. Busy enough that you don't have time to cook but more than that busy enough that you don't really even have time to go to the grocery store. Think about it – maybe you're a single parent whose just gone back to work after a long maternity leave, or a household with multiple kids with multiple activities that require you to chauffeur them around town on an increasingly hectic schedule or maybe you're a bit older and getting out just isn't as easy as it once used to be. What can you do? Sure, you could order take-out all the time but 1) that gets expensive and 2) (more important) it's terrible for your long-term health. OR you could try a meal delivery service that makes fresh, healthy meals with local ingredients. But wait? Isn't that JUST as expensive as take-out? MORE expensive than the grocery store? Well, no...

You can get 9 meals from us, ranging from grilled chicken with mushroom marsala sauce to eggplant rollatini, for $65. Take a look at your last receipt from the grocery store. How much did you spend on ingredients for just one meal? In a study, one place had people recreate 3 different recipes from their menu (approximate cost $60 for 2 servings of 3 different meals or 6 meals). At the end of the study, not one group of people had been able to recreate a meal for even close to the same price. The grocery bill was on average 60% higher (despite the fact that the groups shopped everywhere from Whole Foods to national supermarket chains). Why is that? Because we work with local food purveyors and farmers buying directly from them, supporting local communities while saving dollars and cents on every ingredient we buy, and passing on those savings to our customers.

How else is it cheaper? Think about this – how much food do you waste in a week? We all do it, it's a national epidemic. We buy that bag of clementines and want to eat them all before they go bad but we just can't and so we throw them out. With perfectly portioned meals, you're never wasting food and throwing money away. You're also not buying food items, such as unique spices, that you'll use only once that will then sit in the back of your cabinet forever.

Don't think that food delivery services like ours are “only for rich people” because they're not. They're for everyone – single, young, old, families – anyone who's looking to be healthier, save time and save a little money. We've got several meal packages to get you started if you're new to the whole “ordering food for delivery” thing and unlike a lot of others, we're entirely customizable. Enjoy!