Top Chef Meals: How to Perfectly Reheat a Steak
How to Perfectly Reheat a Steak at Top Chef Meals

How to Perfectly Reheat a Steak

You've ordered that delicious flank steak or filet mignon (yum!) meal and now you want to reheat it to perfection so that the steak tastes just as juicy as when it was first cooked. Guess what? You can do that! There are actually a few different ways, so take your pick.

1. Once your steak has thawed overnight in the refrigerator, heat your oven to 225 degrees to pre-heat. Then place the steak on a baking sheet, then on a wire rack. Keep it in the oven for the minimum time it takes for the center to reach approximately 110 degrees. Once it's gotten there, take it out of the oven and pat dry with a paper towel. If the steak is not pre-sliced, THEN heat up a splash of vegetable oil in a skillet on hi heat till it gets a little smoky and sear 60-90 seconds on each side. The result? The perfect crisp and juicy steak!
2. Maintain the flavor of a juicy steak by reheating it in a microwave oven. Place your meal in the microwave and heat until just barely hot, checking every few seconds, as overcooking will dry the meat. Using your microwave's medium setting is important here -- if it's on high (which is normal), it'll ruin the flavor.
3. After thawing your meal at room temperature, heat a skillet up, place the steak in it, and drizzle butter over the top. Heat until the meat is warm but not hot. It may be easiest to turn the heat up initially -- but as soon as you get that butter going, bring it back down so the meat doesn't lose it's flavor.

Obviously your side dishes (both starch and veggies) will need to be reheated on their own as they'll take less time for the most part. But that friends is how you reheat your steak to perfection. So? Ready to test these methods out? We've got filet mignon, sliced flank steak with mushroom sauce, braised boneless beef short rib, dry rub baby back ribs, and roasted beef brisket all waiting for you! Bon appétit!