Top Chef Meals: Latest Food News

Latest Food News

Hey guys. We know these are some pretty troubling times we’re living through right now, so we wanted to round up some foods news on how to handle food + coronavirus to keep you all as safe as possible. Plus, we’ve added a couple of fun news items so you have something to look forward to when we can all leave the house again!

1. Grocery stores may still be open, but it’s still good to avoid going to them if you can. Here, food and grocery delivery workers explain what online shoppers should do to make their work safer and easier.

2. A big question on people’s minds right now is whether or not it’s safe to order takeout. The answer is yes! Here are tips to help with food safety worries, along with what the CDC has said about food + coronavirus.

3. When it comes to eating raw produce right now, things might seem dicy. Thankfully, it seems that raw produce is still safe to amid coronavirus fears. Here’s how you should be cleaning it.

4. Now, for something to look forward to after this crisis has passed (or if you dare venture out to the grocery store) - Lucky Charms Ice Cream has been spotted in stores and the reviews are AMAZING. Check it out!

5. And for the kid in all of us (but, uh, maybe not the actual kids at the moment because the sugar high seems like it would be intense), enjoy some cotton candy-flavored soda!

The most important thing you can do right now is stay inside and stay safe, but staying up-to-date on the latest food safety tips during this time of crisis is equally important. Take care of yourselves, guys, and remember we’re here with meal delivery when you need it!