As COVID-19 continues to be top & foremost on people’s minds, we’ve shared tips on everything from safe grocery shopping to ways to boost your immune system. Today we’ll share the top Top Chef Meals that contain ingredients known to boost your immune health!

THE STORY: Boosting your immune health is more important than ever at the moment. We talked ways to help you on this health journey HERE, but today we want to share the meals to order that contain immunity-boosting ingredients.

TOP CHEF MEALS TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Here are the top 5 Top Chef meals that contain foods chock full of the good stuff that improves your immune health.

Chicken & Broccoli: Broccoli is packed with Vitamins A, C, & E, plus contains antioxidants and fiber making it one of the healthiest veggies to consume. Chicken is high in Vitamin B-6 which is vital to the formation of new and healthy red blood cells.
Lobster & Flank Steak: Shellfish, such as lobster, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to immune health, but shellfish is packed with zinc which is vital in helping our immune cells function as needed.
Gourmet Organic Granola: Get a double whammy of nutrients with our Gourmet Organic Granola! Featuring almonds, which contain Vitamin E that’s essential to a healthy immune system, and sunflower seeds, containing Vitamin E, magnesium, and B-6, it’s a tasty, healthy treat!
Chicken Fajitas: Did you know that red peppers contain twice the amount of Vitamin C as citrus fruits? They do and our fajitas contain plenty of them!
Veggie Burger: Our veggie burger contains broccoli and red peppers, plus spinach (containing Vitamin C and beta carotene), mushrooms (anti-inflammatory powers and digestion support), and garlic (which helps fight infections). This meal is a quick shot of immunity boosters!

THE WRAP-UP: Keeping your immune system as healthy as possible is a must right now and consuming the ingredients & foods above can help. These are just a few of the meals we have here at Top Chef Meals that you can order to help keep healthy. Browse our menu to find plenty more!