Top Chef Meals: Nutrition Awareness

Nutrition Awareness

We talk a lot about the pros and cons of ordering from meal subscription services here at Top Chef Meals – everything from FAQs to how to choose the best service for yourself and family – because we want you guys to have the best meal experience you possibly can, all while getting in great nutrition. We know you've heard it before, but proper nutrition and eating the right foods, will affect your health (positively!) in so many ways. Unfortunately, however, as a nation, we are increasingly eating more processed foods. Our supermarkets are full of convenient packaged foods that appeal to our taste buds, but compromise our nutrition. And it's easy to fall into a pattern of eating fast, convenient, prepared food, especially in our often frenetic lives. But we're not nurturing ourselves by doing so.

One of the best things about ordering from Top Chef Meals is that, unlike a lot of other meal subscription services, with Top Chef you know EXACTLY what you're getting down to the last bite. Most subscription meal services (typically) provide perfectly portioned, well-balanced meals, but not all meal subscription services provide nutritional information though, and that's a bummer, because you NEED to be aware of what you're eating. We list our meals' nutritional stats on our website, along with the ingredient list, so you always know what you're consuming. We also use products from local farms as much as possible which means you're getting the best of the best. We've even taken things a step further in the health and nutrition department with our pre-selected meal packages designed for weight loss, Paleo diets, diabetics and more!

Take charge of your nutrition and health! Eating well will improve your life and help you live the active, busy life you want. More importantly, eating healthy will be some of the best medicine you will ever encounter. Order your first few meals right now and experience the difference!