Top Chef Meals: The Perfect Gifts For New & Expecting Moms
new mom with baby

The Perfect Gifts For New & Expecting Moms

Being a new or expecting mom is hard! Why not help out the new & future moms in your life with the perfect gift?

THE STORY: Being pregnant and becoming a new mom-though exciting-can be difficult to get through. The body is changing and getting around is more challenging, or you have a brand-new tiny human to take care of which leaves little time to take care of yourself. If you know someone who’s expecting or just delivered their bundle of joy, why not offer them a helping hand with one of the gifts below?


Below you’ll find just a handful of the great gifts you can get to help out new and expecting moms!

1. The joy of NOT cooking – One of the best things about modern life is the ease of being able to get delicious meals whenever you want without having to cook them. Especially for new moms, being able to eat well without having to worry about getting a meal made will go a long way in improving their lives. So, why not get the new or expecting mom in your life a gift card to Top Chef Meals? This way they can avoid takeout all the time and still eat healthy. Plus, since they’ll know in advance when deliveries will be made, they won’t have to worry about the delivery driver ringing the doorbell and waking up baby just after they’ve gotten them down for a nap!
2. A good night’s sleep – This gift is perfect for expecting moms who might be having a hard time getting some sleep. Let’s face it, the changes the body goes through while pregnant can make getting comfortable in bed a challenge. But with this pillow, moms-to-be can finally get a good night’s sleep.
3. Much needed items for right after delivery – The period immediately after having a baby can be rough. Not only do you have a brand-new baby to look after, but your body is trying to recover too. Make that recovery a bit simpler with the Care for Birth box that includes after delivery essentials, along with helpful guidebooks on postpartum recovery.
4. A clean house – Who has time to clean with a new baby at home? Not mama, that’s for sure! So, why not lend a helping hand by offering up the gift of a cleaning service? You’ll need to google to find what’s available in your area, but gifting someone who will come clean up every once in awhile during the first couple of months post-delivery will be a huge help!

THE ROUND-UP: Being a new mom or mom-to-be is life-changing and, occasionally, a challenge. Help out the new and expecting moms in your life by gifting them a little something that will make their life easier. You can save them time and help them keep up with the day-to-day with gifts like these (which, we assure you, will be greatly appreciated!).