Top Chef Meals: Post-Holiday Motivation

Post-Holiday Motivation

Get up, get motivated, and break out of the post-holiday funk now that the holiday season has come and gone.

The Story: The holiday blues are REAL and getting back into good, healthy habits aren’t always easy, but it’s necessary to focus on bouncing back and getting out of the holiday hibernation.

Okay – I get that, but how?
Take care of yourself, schedule time for fun, and go easy on yourself

Take care of yourself first
Quality sleep and exercise are recommended by experts to boost mood and manage depression.

Eat well
No doubt your diet suffered at least a bit during the holidays - so much food, so many sweets, and lots of holiday drinks - which might have you feeling a little down. A healthy diet can help boost your mood though. Incorporate some whole grains and oily fish into your diet to receive omega-3s and B vitamins. To get yourself totally back on track, try a meal delivery plan so you always have what you need on hand!

Schedule time for fun
Now that the holidays are behind us your calendar may feel a bit empty, which can be depressing. Fill up your schedule with activities you enjoy and plan events you can look forward to. Skip the social media and have face-to-face interactions with your friends, people you love, and people who care about you -it can provide a much-needed energy and moral boost.

Be grateful
Taking a few minutes each day to think about the things you’re grateful for is one of the most effective ways to dispel the winter blues. Whether you’re thankful for the big things or the small, gratitude is a good habit to add to your life.

Go easy on yourself
Allow yourself to understand it’s okay to have the holiday blues, and the emptiness you feel won’t last forever – if you don’t allow it to. Focus on being the best YOU and using the new year as a fresh start to become your best self.

THE WRAP UP: Don’t get lost in the holiday post blues shuffle. It’s a new year, a new time to make some positive changes, and truly work towards living your best life. A bad moment or day isn't permanent and it won’t last forever. You can create more good moments than bad, and you control the power to choose to get up, get out, and break out of the holiday hibernation funk.