Top Chef Meals: The Power of Smoothies
The Power of Smoothies

The Power of Smoothies

Look around and you'll see smoothies everywhere – from smoothie bars to frozen mixes in the freezer section of the grocery store that you just add milk to. There's a reason for that! Turns out, not only are smoothies extremely yum but they're pretty powerful as well. Developing the habit of drinking healthy smoothies on a daily basis is an excellent investment of your time and money!

1. Get your fruits + veggies on. Health experts agree we, as a group, need to eat more fruits & veggies – 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of veggies a day if you wanna get specific. It can be utterly daunting trying to figure out HOW to fit that many servings into your day. Smoothies to the rescue! You can get a couple of those servings out of the way easily with a single smoothie.
2. Improve digestion. Stomach aches and other tummy troubles are NEVER a good time. When you drink smoothies, you're essentially letting your blender “chew” your food for you. This eases the burden on your digestive system while you can simultaneously consume plenty of dietary fiber to ensure excellent digestion!
3. Be beautiful. You're actually already beautiful as you are, BUT if you'd like healthier nails & hair, plus clearer skin, smoothies are the quick and easy way to make that happen! Just make sure you're drinking smoothies with plenty of minerals & vitamins like biotin, iron, omega-3s, and vitamins C & E.
4. Sleep better. Okay, we pretty much ALL want better sleep, right? Then go & grab that smoothie! Besides the fact that drinking smoothies = better health which in turn = better sleep, you can consumer super-tasty, sleep specific smoothies that have sleepy time minerals, etc. in them. A good one to try? Sesame seeds, almond butter, cherries, banana, and your fave style of milk. Drink an hour before bedtime for better zzzz's!
5. Reduce cravings. We are constantly surrounded by processed & unhealthy foods, which means we are, at some point, going to want to eat said processed & unhealthy (but usually delicious) foods. Smoothies are a great, healthy alternative to replace the bad-for-you snacks with the added bonus of reducing those cravings once your body adjusts to the whole more fruits & veggies thing. Pretty sweet if you ask us!

We could go on and on with this list, because smoothies really ARE that great for you. We would love to hear YOUR reasons for drinking smoothies though, so drop us an email HERE! You have probably also noticed that we recently decided to add smoothies to our menu (with more flavors on the way) - we want to hear all about your smoothie love & favorite flavors too! Try one our blueberry banana protein smoothie and our coffee almond protein smoothie today!