Top Chef Meals: Prepared Meal Delivery Can Save You Money!
How Much Time Per Week Do You Save With Prepared Meal Delivery?

Prepared Meal Delivery Can Save You Money!

Life is busy, too busy sometimes. Busy enough that you don't have time to cook, but more than that busy enough that you don't really even have time to go to the grocery store. Time has become a precious commodity. So, you've been considering turning to a prepared meal delivery service for assistance but you have to wonder – just HOW MUCH time would going this route actually save you? The answer is quite a bit.

Answer us this – how much time is spent each week in your house going to the grocery store to buy groceries (weekly trips + side trips), prepping food to be cooked, actually preparing said food, cleaning up after meals (dishes, taking care of leftovers, etc.), packing lunches for work, packing snacks for on the go, and cleaning out your fridge and tossing expired items? Heck, throw in parceling out the recycling and taking it to the curb while you're at it! Add it all up...we'll wait. It's a LOT of time, isn't it?

Now, estimate how much time you think it would take you to order a variety of customizable meals online, then after you receive them, putting them all in your freezer, then defrosting overnight in the fridge the meal(s) you want to eat the next day, and popping them into the microwave for a couple of minutes when you're ready to eat. (Then tossing the tray and sleeve from said meal(s) into the recycling when you're done!) How much time does THAT sound like it would take? Ahem...see our point? The time difference between the two is HUGE. Yes, technically, defrosting overnight is roughly 8 hours but since you're sleeping anyway (we hope) and there's no need to sit there and watch it defrost, it's not time taken away from doing other things. Imagine all the things you could do with the time you used to spend at the grocery store, etc!

This one reason alone is worth the switch to a prepared meal delivery service (and there are several fabulous reasons), and Top Chef Meals is one of the best prepared meal delivery services around (don't take our word for it, check out our testimonials!). Browse our menu today to get started on your meal delivery adventure – we have everything from bison burgers to tofu – and if you aren't sure what to order, never fear because we have a couple of starter sampler packs that will get you up and running! Of course, should you have any questions just email us ( or give us a call at 800.616.8044! Bon appétit!