Top Chef Meals: Reservations For One
Singles Love Top Chef Meals

Reservations For One

Being single isn’t all that bad; you have more freedom and fewer obligations. Dining alone, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Going to a restaurant by yourself can be boring and even uncomfortable. Many restaurants may discourage dining alone, and you may be asked or required to sit at the bar. Even though the stigma associated with dining solo is admittedly not as awful as it used to be, it’s still a situation many singles avoid, and we don’t blame them! 

If you think sitting alone in a crowded restaurant is bad, it’s even worse trying to cooking for only one person. Finding recipes that don’t leave you with a week’s worth of leftovers is nearly impossible. Then if you try to scale down the recipe too much, the extra ingredients go bad. Even attempting to grocery shop for one can be a nightmare. You can forget about those discounts everyone else gets for buying in bulk. Plus finding the free time you need to cook your own meals is no easy task either. Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you aren’t busy. You can only order Chinese food so often. What’s a single person to do? 

Here at Top Chef Meals, many of our clients are single people looking to avoid the problems that are associated with dining and/or cooking for one. Our meal packages are the perfect solution for singles. The convenience of having fresh prepared meals delivered to your doorstep is a wonderful luxury. However unlike most luxuries, Top Chef Meals provides this service at an affordable price.

Browse our menu and check out all of the delicious food choices we offer. We’re always adding more options! All of these meals are made fresh and perfectly portioned for one. Whether you’re craving comfort foods, or are hoping to lose a few pounds, we’ve got delicious selections for you. We even offer a Paleo diet plan for those looking to really start the new year right! No more awkward tables for one, and no more leftovers going bad in the back of your fridge. 

Are you single and looking for an easier (and better) way to feed yourself? Give Top Chef Meals a try, we promise that the variety and quality will make you forget about your Chinese food delivery guy for good!