Top Chef Meals: Seniors and Appetite
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Seniors and Appetite

It can be difficult for many people to see their aging family members and loved ones change over time. Seeing those changes and facing them begins with knowing what to look for and asking the right questions. One of the bigger challenges we face as we age is changes to our appetite. Loss of appetite in seniors isn't an uncommon thing.

But, as you know, eating well is vital for everyone at all ages. Your daily food choices can make an important difference in your health and in how you look and feel. Eating well gives you the nutrients needed to keep your muscles, bones, organs, and other parts of your body healthy. Eating well helps keep up your energy level, too.

What causes loss of appetite in seniors? Lessened activity and a lower metabolic rate are certainly factors. Impaired senses of taste and smell can take some of the joy out of eating for many seniors. You can help though! Here are some practical strategies for improving your aging loved ones eating habits:

1. Experiment with new flavors as tastes change.
2. Serve smaller more frequent meals. Eating a little bit several times a day can be less intimidating than a huge plate of food twice a day. This will help keep energy levels even.
3. Go for quality, not quantity. Choose protein-rich foods such as eggs, fish, beans or milk.
4. Drinking liquids is very important for hydration, but can also be helpful when dealing with an aging adult whose appetite is low. Offer options throughout the day such as tea, milk or 100% juice.

What if you're not close enough by to cook a few meals for your aging family member or they're finding it harder to cook themselves? I faced this very same question in 2009 with my own father, after my mother had passed away. My father was alone in his home and was finding it harder and harder each day to go out and shop, cook or get to a diner to eat. So I solved his problem by developing Top Chef Meals – a service designed to meet the needs of our elderly parents (and relatives!) who want healthy, familiar meals, at a price they can afford every day.

Top Chef Meals is perfect for seniors who can't regularly cook for themselves or get to a grocery store because you can place your orders online, via email OR over the phone. It's convenient for your parents, and it's convenient for you, whether you're near or far! All of our meals are handmade, homestyle dishes, prepared one plate at a time – perfectly suited for those 60+. (We also do desserts!) Plus we offer specialty diets for every need (and our meals are fully customizable, something you won't find elsewhere).

Change can be scary, especially when it affects your family, so let us make things a little easier. With us, you can rest assured that Mom or Dad is eating healthy, eating well and getting a variety of foods on a regular basis, that are easy to prepare. Place your first order today, and remember that we offer a 15% for everyone over 60, disabled or homebound! Have questions? Simply call or email us!