Top Chef Meals: Snack It Up!
Best Meals for Super Bowl

Snack It Up!

It's Superbowl time! February 5th will be the day to gather round the TV and cheer on your favorite team with your friends, and Superbowl snacking is an integral part of the Superbowl experience. Melty, cheesy, gooey dips...salsa and chips...wings...appetizers almost beats the holidays when it comes to food. It's also a day of many, many less than healthy foods. Splurge days are totally okay (and a must!) but you can save yours and have it all with these healthy AND delicious snack ideas!

1. Pesto & Turkey Cucumber Roll-Ups – Ditch the cream cheese roll-ups and try these instead! Mixing two classic sushi ingredients—cucumber and avocado—these rolls swap out the salmon and seaweed for turkey and pesto. Plus, no cooking involved!
2. Lightened Up 7-Layer Dip – This dip is a party classic but Tons of dairy and refried beans keep it heavy on digestion. This version lightens up the fat and adds more fiber and still tastes like heaven!
3. Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins – Potatoes skins are a MUST at Superbowl parties. Cheese, sour cream, bacon good; and so very unhealthy. This version uses sweet potatoes (tons of fiber!) as as base and adds chipotle chicken, spinach, and cheese as toppers, making these skins a perfect combination of sweet and savory.
4.Kale Chips – If you haven't already discovered kale, you've been missing out. Kale is one of the tastiest greens around (and you can do so much with it!). Light, crispy, and delicious, kale chips are loaded with vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium. You're going to want to make extra.
5. Edamole – Yes, guacamole is made with healthy fat, but there is such a thing as too MUCH of a good thing! Swap out avocados for edamame, and you've got a dip that's full of protein, is low in fat, and most importantly, tastes good.
6. Cauliflower Pizza Bites – Cauliflower is one amazing veggie! One of our favorite things about it, is that you can use it as a replacement for dough and such. That's what we've got with this yummy recipe, where cauliflower serves as the base instead of white pizza dough. Serve with pizza sauce for dipping, and you've got a winner!
7. Individual Nachos – What's football without nachos? Nachos are one of the best things ever invented, but also one of the more unhealthy things. No worries! By adding homemade (or store bought) bean dip, salsa, guac, and some shredded cheese to individual tortilla chips, it not only makes for even distribution of toppings, but it also helps with portion control. Dig in!

There are LITERALLY hundreds of amazing recipes like these out there, guys, so go forth and enjoy Superbowl Sunday and eat well!