Top Chef Meals: Spice Up Those Basic Recipes!

Spice Up Those Basic Recipes!

At this point during the pandemic a lot of us are working off pantry staples as grocery stores carry less specialized items and limited amounts of other items. That means mealtime might be getting a bit boring.

THE STORY: If you’re tired of making basic meals from pantry staples, we’re here to help you spice things up! Use these recipes to improve your mac’n’cheese game or even find something new to make.

RECIPES: Ramen is popular right now, but it can be pretty boring (not to mention full of sodium). Switch things up by ditching the powder flavoring and instead add your fave steamed veggies along with soy or teriyaki sauce to make a real stir-fry! You’ll have a complete meal in minutes.

Make mac’n’cheese even better (and a main dish) by adding pizza! No, really. With tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni you’ll have a family pleaser on your hands. Check out the recipe HERE.

Looking for an easy and delicious vegetarian meal? You’ll love these black bean stuffed sweet potatoes! Find the recipe HERE.

Chicken is always a great go-to meal, but it can get boring fast. This 4 ingredient pesto chicken bake will solve that problem for you. Get this recipe HERE.

Sometimes you just want some comfort food and nachos can really hit the spot, plus they’re super cheap to make. The great thing about these black bean nachos is you can customize them however you like. Recipe is HERE.

This bowtie and broccoli recipe involves very few ingredients making it budget & pantry friendly. Check it out HERE!

THE WRAP-UP: Mealtimes during a pandemic can be a bit limited but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. With these great recipes, you can feed your family well AND save money. Bon appétit!