Top Chef Meals: Top Chef vs. The Rest
Why Top Chef Meals Is America's Favorite Meal Delivery Plan

Top Chef vs. The Rest

Life is busy, often too busy and time has become a precious commodity. In addition, we know you value your time and money and we want you to spend as wisely as possible, while getting the most bang for your buck. You want to spend those hard-earned dollars on quality products that enhance your family's well-being and enjoyment. So, what is it you want you may ask? It’s our delicious professional chef-prepared food, shipped directly to your home, and ready to eat in about 2 minutes!! (Yes, you read that right – delicious meals in ONLY 2 MINUTES!) Sounds pretty good, right? There are SO many services out there but choose the absolute best – Top Chef Meals. Before browsing around any apron-y type sites, let us tell you why we're different and why we’re better than the rest.

If I Could Turn Back Time…
Life is busy and you’re always on the move. You don't have time to shop, cook and prepare, but there’s a solution and we’re here to help. Our tasty prepared dishes actually save you time and they provide affordable healthy options, plus it’s easy to navigate and order while you chose from a variety of meal dish options.

Riddle us this: how much time is spent in your household each week going to the grocery store to buy groceries (weekly trips + side trips), prepping food to be cooked, cleaning up after meals (dishes, taking care of leftovers, etc.), packing lunches for work, packing snacks to go, and heck, throw in cleaning up after all that! It's a LOT of time, isn't it? We agree.

NOW, estimate how much time it would take to order online with our easy to navigate website and a variety of meal dish options, have them cooked and delivered directly to your door without you having to leave your home and BAM pop one of your dishes into the microwave and enjoy in a few short minutes!

Livin' like Royalty
The time factor alone is reason enough to start using a meal delivery service in our humble opinion. You may be asking, “Yes, we absolutely agree! But why Top Chef Meals?”. With Top Chef Meals you don't have to prep your meals, cook the food or even clean up after you’re done! It's basically the same thing as living in a castle and having your own chefs and maids around to do your bidding! (Okay a little extreme, but you get the point =)) Seriously though, not having to cook saves time, and if you happen to be one of those people who hates cooking or frankly isn't that good at it then Top Chef Meals is the perfect fit for you. It saves you stress without all the cooking mess!

Dolla', Dolla' Bills
You might be saying. “Just how much is all this time-saving, royalty-like-living meal delivery stuff gonna cost me?” – Don’t worry, there’s good news, with Top Chef Meals you're going to SAVE money $$$!

You can get 9 meals for ONLY $65. On average, other meal delivery dishes cost upwards of $10 PER MEAL, while at Top Chef OUR dishes typically range between $6-$8, which is a savings of $2-$4 on EVERY SINGLE MEAL.

Take a look at your last receipt from the grocery store. How much did you spend on ingredients for just ONE meal? How many days of leftovers did you get out of that one meal? And how much of that meal did you toss in the garbage? How are we able to provide superb restaurant quality food at such reasonable prices? Well, we are proud to work with local food purveyors and farmers, so we buy directly from them and by supporting our local communities we save lots of green $ doing so.

Captain Planet to the Rescue
Let's go back to those meal leftovers you tossed in the garbage…did you know every year between 30-40% of food simply goes to waste as it makes its way through the supply chain -- that’s equivalent to 2 out of every 5 grocery bags never making it onto your plate and into your mouth!

Finally to put this in perspective, Americans are tossing out an average of $120 per month (per household of four) in the form of uneaten food! That’s actual dollars being thrown away right into the garbage instead of back into your pockets! Think about it – the wasted money adds up to a potential savings of $1,440 per year…can you think of things that extra $1,440 could help with? We can sure name a few...

Top Chef Meals is proud to work with local food sources and support our local communities while providing perfectly portioned, healthy, and affordable meals. When you order from Top Chef you're not buying random ingredients and hoping for the best, you know you're getting fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are used to help support our sustainable food system in perfect portioned dishes.

In summary:
1. Meal delivery means there's no planning necessary – it’s EASY, tasty, and affordable
2. Save time by crossing grocery shopping off your to-do list and say goodbye to those stressful and expensive trips -- nobody has time for all that anyways!!
3. Enjoy perfectly portioned meals that eliminate unnecessary wasteful leftovers.

So, what’s not to love? Come on & see for yourself…give us a try and let us know what you think – we know you won’t be disappointed!!

Drop by our site today to choose your next few weeks' meals!