Top Chef Meals: Upcoming Food Trends We Love
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Upcoming Food Trends We Love

We’re taking a look at upcoming food trends for the rest of the year and beyond!

THE STORY: Trends come and go, including in the world of food. Recently, there have been several major changes in how food is produced and consumed; some as a result of covid-19, others as a result of global warming, and some just come around for fun. Here’s a look at four food trends that we’re excited about.

THE TRENDS: The trends below include vegan chicken, lab-grown meats, and more!

Vegan chicken in the fast-food industry: The chicken sandwich war amongst fast-food chains could soon be vegan! Over the past two years, people have been consuming more and more plant-based alternatives to meat. Meanwhile, the chicken industry has been experiencing supply shortages. So, how soon will it be until vegan chicken hits the fast-food market? Impossible Foods recently launched meatless chicken nuggets, while Beyond Meat launched meatless tenders for restaurants. In Texas, Project Pollo has been serving soy-based chicken sandwiches for the past year. Seems like it won’t be long at all!

Lab-grown meat: Plant-based alternatives aren’t the only new meat options coming. If you prefer your meat to be, well, not plants, but are still concerned about the environmental impact of meat consumption, then good news! While still relatively new lab-grown meats are beginning to gain steam. Last year, Singapore became the first country to approve its use. The introduction to the markets should be a slow roll-out, so regular meats won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Flower power: Flowers make things prettier, but can they really add flavor to your food? Yes! Floral flavors have been big in the culinary world as of late and it’s only expected to keep growing. But it’s not just fancy restaurants that are adding a touch of floral to meals. The trend is being used by individuals for everything from drinks to dishes. Just make sure you’re using an edible flower if you try this one!

Vegan Hershey’s: And now for something fun! Hershey’s has recently released two types of vegan chocolate bars - classic Dark Chocolate and the Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt. These bars use oat milk instead of regular milk and will be rolled out on a test release basis through next summer. Whether they become permanent depends on how well they’re received.

THE ROUND-UP: Everything changes, including the foods we eat and how we eat them. Right now, there’s a big focus on sustainable food products and lessening environmental impacts from the making of and consumption of meats and other products. What will end up being permanent remains to be seen, but give some of these trends a try. You might find a new love!