Top Chef Meals: What discounts and/or coupons do we offer?

What discounts and/or coupons do we offer?

We offer two types of discounts:

  • 15% discount for senior citizens who register on our site
  • 5% discount based on the number of meals ordered.  Discount cannot be combined with the senior discount

Many people ask us why we do not offer frequent coupons and discounts and it has to do with "value" and "fairness." We value and treat all our guests equally and fairly. If we offer a discount to one group of individuals why do we not choose  to offer discounts to another? Where would the discount policy end?  We have lived long enough to know that several of our competitors prices "jacked-up" to appear a greater bargain just to get your business.  We think this is both deciptive and unfair and not a tactic we are going to resort to.  Thus, we rarely offer coupons and specials and when do so it is only to our most loyal customers.

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