Top Chef Meals: Who's That Chef?
About Top Chef Meals

Who's That Chef?

So you've chosen Top Chef Meals to provide excellent, nutritious, delicious, chef-prepared meals for you and your family. Awesome! You won't regret it (trust us). You still might be a bit nervous though so let us introduce you to some of our team and show you where we make your meals. It always helps to put a face to a name and to see what's going on behind the scenes (we think so anyway!).

First, let's talk about how Top Chef got started. It was a dark and dreary afternoon...oh wait...actually, it ALL started with a guy named Paul (Paul Ghiron to be exact). Paul found himself heavily involved in the corporate catering world back in 2010, as he worked as the President of The Crystal Spoon Corp. He employed numerous chefs and support staff who catered corporate and business get-togethers throughout Westchester county. However, he always found it irksome that his staff was severely underutilized after the huge rush of business lunches they catered everyday. (Makes sense).

Paul also had a father (as these things tend to go), who called him up one day, absolutely frustrated over the lack of offerings for dinner that a single person faces (eating alone can be HARD, you guys). He asked Paul to bring some dinner over for him (it is ALWAYS a plus to have a chef in the family!) and father & son ended up deep in discussion. During the conversation that ensued, the idea of Top Chef Meals was born! Top Chef Meals would use the Crystal Spoon's untapped chef talent to make meals for singles, couples or even families who were too busy to cook, or really anybody who just wanted a fresh-made, chef-prepared, healthy, nutritious meal delivered to their home. Because who doesn't want that?

Each of our gourmet meals is prepared by our team of professional chefs who have years of experience and an unparalleled taste for premium quality, exceptional flavor and originality. Top Chef Meal's philosophy is that every prepared dinner is an opportunity for a uniquely pleasurable and healthy culinary experience.

And this guy? Well, that's Paul. Born in Manhattan, raised in Westchester, he has a degree in Engineering Operations. While growing up, he was actively involved in the family business Execu-Lunch Inc, one of Westchester's first corporate caterers. Paul also spent 7 years in the US Air Force both flying fighter airplanes as well as working as a program manager of procurement. (Thank you, Paul!!) Following this, he worked for 4 years as a program director of development programs at a systems and software defense contractor before joining the family business. Once joining Execu-Lunch, he led the company through a 400% growth before his father retired, forcing a change in the corporate structure into what is now the Crystal Spoon Corporation. Top Chef Meals is a division of the Crystal Spoon Corporation.

There you have it. The history, the facility, the owner – and next time, we'll introduce you to more of our team! Till then, explore our site and order up a few of your favorite meals.