Top Chef Meals: Yes, Frozen Food Can Be Healthy!
healthy frozen food

Yes, Frozen Food Can Be Healthy!

Believe it or not, frozen food can be just as healthy as fresh. You just need to choose wisely.

THE STORY: Let’s face it — it’s much easier picking up something from the grocery store's freezer section for dinner rather than making a meal from fresh ingredients. Plus, it’s more economical and requires less time on your part. The only problem is how unhealthy that can be. Right? Not exactly. Turns out that some frozen food is healthy; you just know how to pick it. Of course, this doesn’t include frozen meals or frozen pizza, which are often high in sodium and artificial ingredients, but there’s still plenty in the frozen food section you can stock up on.


Head for the fruits and veggies. Plenty of studies have shown that frozen produce can be just as nutritious, if not more so, than fresh produce. The reason? Frozen produce is picked when fresh, then immediately frozen to lock in nutrients. Just make sure to check the ingredient list — you’ll want the vegetable to be the only ingredient, not added chemicals or sweeteners of any kind.
Check serving sizes. Some frozen foods will have more servings than you think, plus, just because you’ve purchased healthy frozen food doesn’t mean you should eat the whole package in one go!
Don’t go with already seasoned meat. Frozen meats are often already seasoned, which means the sodium levels will be higher than you want.
Check the label. Just because a frozen food has the word “healthy” on it or is vegetarian, etc., doesn’t mean that it won’t be high in calories or sodium. Always check the label before buying to make sure both are within reasonable limits. And if a food has a higher amount of protein or fiber, all the better!
Go with frozen grains. Frozen brown rice and quinoa are just as nutritious as their dried counterparts, with the bonus of taking mere minutes to cook instead of a half-hour or more.

OR DO THIS: If you’re not sure about buying more frozen foods from the grocery store, you can always go with a meal delivery service to save time and money. Top Chef Meals creates fresh meals that you customize to your specific diet, likes, and needs that are then frozen the night before delivery, so they stay fresh. It’s the best of both worlds!

THE ROUND-UP: Don’t fear the frozen food section or frozen foods in general! You can eat healthy with frozen foods — in fact, sometimes it can be healthier than fresh! Just be sure you’re checking labels or going with a meal delivery service that offers fresh frozen food that isn’t full of calories and sodium.